The Eden curriculum is a comprehensive series of teaching programs designed to provide a valuable resource to enable professionals and parents to effectively teach students with autism. The newly revised Eden Curriculum Series reflects the collective experience of Eden faculty during the past 30 years of providing comprehensive, individualized services to children and adults with autism.

Employing a hands-on approach, the revised curricula includes practical strategies for each teaching program. In addition, each skill area includes a systematic assessment and flow chart to support appropriate goal selection. Teaching programs are clearly written, with step by step instructions, and include target behaviors, prerequisite skills, criterion measurement, materials, procedures, and prompting techniques.

These programs have been field tested with hundreds of students and adults with autism. Teaching programs are grounded in the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and address essential skill areas such as cognitive play, self-care and domestic, speech and language, vocational, physical education, recreation and leisure, employment, and residential living.

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Curriculum Features:

  • The Revised Curriculum includes new designs, graphics, and more programs, and an enhanced "user manual."
  • Teaching programs are clearly written, with step by step instructions.

  • Each volume includes flow charts to assist with selection of goals.

  • Teaching programs include target behaviors, prerequisite skills, criterion, measurement, materials, procedures and prompting techniques'.

  • Teaching programs are presented in spiral bound format for ease of use.

Outreach Department
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Eden Outreach Services in an effort to make our curriculum available in as many formats as possible is proud to introduce on new online curriculum viewer. This viewer will allow users to access our complete curriculum series from any computer or mobile device! We are currently in the process of beta testing this new product which will be available for sale shortly.

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Eden's Curriculum is now available via Electronic Format.
Autism Curriculum
Cognitive domain, regularly $200                                
Physical Education and Recreation, regularly $150       
Self-Care and Domestics, regularly $150                     
Speech and Language, regularly $200                          
Vocational Education, regularly $150                           
5-Volume Set, regularly $700                                      
Infant and Toddler curriculum, regularly $200                

For additional information and order forms please contact: or call (609) 987-0099 ext. 4010.